Masters thesis: Ammonium Stripping of Landfill Leachate


Ragn-Sells is a privately held corporate group operating companies in six countries. Since 1966, Ragn-Sells have been involved in waste management, environmental services and recycling. Ragn-Sells collect, treat and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organizations and households. Moreover, Ragn-Sells operates several landfills and leachate treatment plants. Leachate that comes out from old landfills is mainly contaminated with nitrogen (concentration of N-tot is about 50 mg/l) while concentrations of metals are low. At these landfills, the leachate could be treated with stripper that removes nitrogen from the leachate.


Test and optimize a methodology for stripping N from landfill leachate

Project Description


  1. Perform a literature study and laboratory experiments on the removal of nitrogen from the landfill leachate with stripper. 
  2. Evaluate the efficiency of the stripper depending on different variables (or factors) such as pH, water and air flow, filling material etc.
  3. Prepare a suggestion for the stripper design on full scale 
  4. Perform techno-economic analysis (e.g. investments and operation costs).


Required: chemical engineers or process engineers with good knowledge in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and unit operations

Estimated Time

5 months

Number of students


Last application date

10 Dec 2015

Start Date

5 Jan 2016


Igor Travar. 0709272497,

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